Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Chapter 136 exists to advance the art and science of horology (timekeeping). Our club actively serves the public and supports its members by providing educational opportunities, encouraging preservation, facilitating research, providing online venues for information exchange, and sponsoring events. 
We meet monthly at the Vista Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum.

At the August Meeting the members paid a visit the West Coast Clock & Watch Museum. We toured the new items that have been recently added. The large Ball Clock was the main attraction. 
The Jos. Mayer & Co. "Ball Clock" was originally hung from a mount on the corner of a department store in the Seattle area. It has 4 faces and is electronically operated by a system that sends an impulse to all 4 faces.  Andre did a great job at building the base of the clock. 

The custom made "Steampunk" Clock has recently been added to the museum. The piston and wheels move by a separate motor. 

Chapter 136 Selfie time! 

2 Cigar lighter Clocks. Which one is fake?

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