Thursday, May 12, 2016

Chapter 136 exists to advance the art and science of horology (timekeeping). Our club actively serves the public and supports its members by providing educational opportunities, encouraging preservation, facilitating research, providing online venues for information exchange, and sponsoring events. 
We meet monthly at the Vista Antique Steam & Engine Museum.

Grand opening and ribbon cutting of the West Coast Clock & Watch Museum.

Grand opening and ribbon cutting of the West Coast Clock & Watch Museum 6/18/2016. Rear Admiral Anita L. Lopez, Director of Marine Operations for the National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Agency (NOAA)

Erie Lopez Curator, West Coast Clock & Watch Museum

Rod Groenewold Director, Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum


     Hello chapter members, clock lovers and friends. I hope this message finds you in good spirits and health. Remember there is  no meeting this month.
     Again I would like to thank all those members from our chapter for all the help with the Vista Gas and Steam Engine Museum clock display.
     By the time you read this message the clocks will have arrived and will be in the process of being set up for display. For me, this is very exciting as it is the culmination of all the long and hard work setting up the various display areas for the clocks.
     The clocks in and the museum are not part of our chapter in the NAWCC.  However, we are directly associated with the Vista Clock and Watch Museum due to our working association with the museum.  I believe our association with the Vista gas and steam engine museum will only enhance our Chapters viability and strength.  This is an opportunity that almost no other chapter has in the entire United States. We need to help the Museum so as to be able to take advantage of all the opportunity’s it affords US.  This is why I am asking our Chapter members to help at the Museum.  So this is where this is all going..... Short term, we need help in the Delmar fair booth.  Long-term, we will also need docents when the clock and watch museum is open. So when you are called upon to help....please do so!
           I hope to see you all of you there, it should be fun and exciting    

                                                                                                         Andre Perreault